Inspired by world travel and beautiful design, we — Lucy Peglar and Ignacio Bussy founded Cocobelle in 2004. Cocobelle sandal and accessory collections are produced in Bali and Italy, embracing authentic Balinese-inspired patterns and centuries-old Italian artistry. Every handcrafted piece is refined, beautiful, wild, comfortable and timeless.

We met in Bali, Indonesia, almost 15 years ago, where we developed strong relationships with family-owned workshops to bring our creations to life. Fluent in four languages — English, Spanish, Indonesian and Italian — we travel the world in search of inspiration for our sandals and accessories. We are committed to creating beautiful accessories that reflect who we are and what we believe — never sacrifice quality when making friends, plans or shoes. Develop authentic relationships with every person along the production line. Live simply but with sophistication. Choose kindness. Borrow from other cultures to make life more beautiful. Always take time to swim in the ocean.

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