The TKEES story started with a lot of love and a little inspiration. Carly was on the hunt for a simple yet elegant sandal with her husband Jesse. Surprisingly, on an island renowned for its curated style, she returned to the beach empty handed. As the sand lingered on her skin, an idea was sparked.

The Idea

Bubbling with excitement, Carly shared her idea of starting a sandal company unlike any other with Jesse. Creating a flip-flop so minimal the difference between them on and off was almost invisible. Jesse, fueled by his love for Carly, believed in her and her idea. Under a tiki hut, the couple began exchanging ideas of what could be, and from there, the name TKEES was born.

Jesse & Carly – Life Partners & Business Partners

Jesse and Carly needed manufacturers that valued quality and detail in their work. Having developed the initial idea of TKEES in such an idyllic setting, it was only fitting that this high standard would be met in a country known for its beauty; Brazil. Pulling inspiration from a wide spectrum, stretching from their children’s scribbles to high fashion, the essence of TKEES is never lost.

Carly’s Motivation

Carly is not a woman who is over-accessorized or over-styled. The most effective design is the one that is the most simple. Pushing the boundaries through a simple silhouette is a challenge that TKEES welcomes with each collection. Jesse and Carly believe in family. Not only their own, but the TKEES family they created.

TKEES Mission

With TKEES, we want to create a life worth living. Life full of unforgettable moments. These are the moments that matter. These are the moments in TKEES. Years later in St. Barths, there is still love, there is still inspiration, and now, there are TKEES.